JS Running Coach


I was fortunate enough to receive a leaflet advertising Takeley Running Group in a race pack about eighteen months ago.  I had been running for about four years at the time, but felt that my performance was plateauing, if not deteriorating.  I dropped Josephine a tentative email and was extremely impressed when she responded within an hour.  She suggested that it would be best if we had a chat on the phone, so that she could get an informed view of what my experience and my expectations were, and so that I could get a “feel” for whether her coaching and the group were what I was looking for.

From that initial contact, Josephine has been nothing but supportive and encouraging.  I went along to my first session with Takeley Running Group that week and have hardly missed one since!  The other runners are always so friendly and welcoming.  I think one of the greatest coaching challenges is probably to stop the chat so we can get the session started! Having said that, we all work hard, and the training is cleverly planned by Josephine, so that runners of all abilities can participate and really benefit from the activities.

Each week, Josephine plans a different session for us, so there is no chance to get bored.  The activities are fun and Josephine always explains the thinking behind what we are doing.  We start our running with a comprehensive warm up and set of drills and end with a series stretches, which Josephine leads, taking time to check that everyone knows what they are doing and why they are doing it.  While the group run, Josephine moves between the members, checking their technique and giving advice.

Between sessions, Josephine is available to offer support and guidance.  I have also attended a couple of track sessions with Josephine, which I feel that my running has really benefited from, and which have been great fun.

Since I started running with Josephine my 5K time has gone from 28.51 to 25.23, my 10K from 56.40 to 55.28 and my half marathon from 2h08 to 2h02, but it is not just the times that have improved; I enjoy my running again and that is thanks to Josephine.

Melanie of Takeley

Josephine has been my coach at 1500m-race distance ever since I starting at my club 2 years ago. During that short period, my time has improved by 54 seconds and I am now ranked 7th in the UK for my age group. Training sessions with my club are always well planned; different from week to week which keeps it interesting. Although sessions can be hard, being coached by Josephine is still fun and I always look forward to training nights.

Age 12
1500m & 800m Club Athlete Essex

I would just like to say a massive thanks to Josephine for being a wonderful teacher. I have learnt so much from her during our running sessions and she is always polite offering loads of encouragement, even when I am struggling and feel like I cannot go on you, Josephine is there cheering me on!

When we first met I had a specific goal I wanted to achieve.  I approached Josephine with with the aim of helping me and the although my goal has now changed she has kept my spirits up.  Thanks to her support I can now run a 5k without stopping which I never would have managed before, and with her help I am now in training for a 10k. I have learnt that I can push myself further each time I run, surprising even myself and because of Josephine's attitude and positive encouragement I cannot wait to attend my next 1-2-1 session.  I also love the group run on a Friday where we share our experiences and have a laugh over a cuppa afterwards.

The Takeley Running Goup members also give encouragement, making me feel welcome and part of a team.

Thank you again Josephine for your continuing support and friendship.

Louise of Braintree

Josephine showed me what to focus on to run in good style and quickly.  She has taught me how to train more intelligently without necessarily running more miles.  It has worked and I have reduced my half marathon time.  I expect to continue applying these principals and reduce it further.  She really knows her stuff.

Paul of Cambridge