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Personal Coaching Profiles

Sam & Richard / Edinburgh Marathon

Takeley Running Group members Sam & Richard finally completed the Edinburgh Marathon after a 2 year delay. Following a personal training plan over the last 3-4 months and attending weekly group sessions, Sam finished her first marathon in 4:28 and Richard achieved a marathon personal best in 4:47.

Claire / Victoria Park Half Marathon

Claire ran the Victoria Park Half Marathon in under 2 hours in a time of 1:59. Claire has weekly one2one training sessions and follows a personal training schedule, as well as being a member of the Takeley Running Group. Claire's next plan will take up her up to an Autumn 2022 Half Marathon.

Rhonda / Hatfield Broad Oak 10km Race

Rhonda started to run in January 2020 by completing the New to Running Course, then continuing with Personal Training Sessions & joining the Takeley Running Group. Rhonda has just finished a Personal Training Plan for her 1st 10km, which she successfully completed at the Hatfield Broad Oak 2022 10km race.

David / London Marathon

David of Thaxted Essex was given a JSRunningCoach voucher as a birthday gift from his wife. The voucher was for 2 Personal Coaching sessions and a training plan for the London Marathon. David trained well during the summer months following his plan and completed the London Marathon in October.

Claire / Royal Parks Half Marathon

Claire continues to have weekly Personal Coaching sessions as well as attending the Takeley Running Group on a regular basis. Claire recently ran the Royal Parks Half Marathon and has a further 2 Half Marathons planned for this year. We always discuss the race afterwards looking at the positives and areas for improvement and adjustment.

David Posgate / Virtual London Marathon

Congratulations to David Posgate. Despite the awful weather conditions last Sunday he still ran the Virtual London Marathon in an amazing time of 3 hours 37 mins.
This has been a long year of training. David followed a training schedule for the planned April London Marathon, and the May Edinburgh Marathon, both were cancelled. We adjusted and tweaked the training schedule to suit the new dates, & added in one2one personal sessions. With David's determination, hard work & patience, race day went to plan (apart from the weather) & David achieved his goal pace giving him an incredible finishing time. Looking forward to working with him again.


Allison completed my 10 week New to Running Course during 2020 and then joined the TRG group sessions. Allison also continued with personal coaching sessions and we worked towards completing her first 10km. Well done Allison.


Personal Running Coaching sessions with Gareth of Stansted Essex. Gareth is looking to return to running, to stay injury free and is working towards a strong, well paced 5km.
Looking forward to welcoming Gareth to Takeley Running Group soon.


Hill Training session with Alex of Takeley Running Group. Starting from Great Easton in Essex and working up & down the hills of Tilty. Hill training adds important strength to those running legs.


Rachael joined the New To Running Course last year. Following a break from running at then end of last year, Rachael is now back on track to completing her first 5km. Well done Rachael, lets keep this going!


Weekly training sessions with Louise of Hatfield Broad Oak, where the big 10km race takes place. Louise would like to improve her pace over this distance, in preparation for when we can participate in 10km races again. Louise also competes in Triathlons.


It was a pleasure to meet Steve last year & to welcome him to the Takeley Running Group sessions as well as Coaching him on a one2one basis. Steve has great pace & and is looking to improve & maintain this over 5km

Rhonda / Takeley Essex

Rhonda attended the 10 week New To Running Course, unfortunately due to lock-down restrictions we were unable to complete the last 2 weeks. During the lock-down Rhonda lost motivation and struggled without having a clear plan to follow. I am pleased to say after one2one sessions Rhonda is now back on track.

Sian / Cambridge

Sian wanted Running to be a regular form of exercise, to keep her fit and healthy throughout life. However Generic Couch - 5km Training Plans were giving Sian niggling, running injuries, and preventing her from enjoying running as part of her weekly exercise. The goal with Sian was to start running again, progress sensibly without re-occurring injuries - not to set distance, pace or race goals. Yes we have achieved it! Sian now runs (injury free) 3 times per week with varying sessions and a Sunday run of 10km. The important thing for Sian has always been to run for happiness, fitness and good health. It is important as a Coach that we listen to your needs and goals.

Amanda/ Takeley Essex

A regular member of the Takeley Running Group, Amanda is having one2one sessions whilst lock-down prevents Group Running. This is a great opportunity to have a chat about personal goals, look at technique, put structure and motivation back into your training, and set new goals. Amanda is an experienced runner and has completed race distances from 5km to a full Marathon.

Claire / Great Dunmow Essex

Claire is an experienced runner, looking to improve her pace, technique, and to run more efficiently. She has a Half Marathon time that she would like to get back to, and then improve on. The goal is to work together over the coming months, using the Vitality London Half Marathon as a guide to where Claire is currently at & then to work towards an Autumn Half Marathon.

Louise / Braintree Essex

I first met Louise in 2015 when the goal was to run 1.5miles in 15 mins for the Army Reserves. I still Coach Louise on a weekly basis and over the last 5 years she has set herself various targets and goals, including Parkrun, 5km & 10km races and the Spitfire 24 hour team event. Louise has improved her technique and stamina. Despite niggling injuries along the way that have reduced training at times, Louise continues to re-access and set the next challenge. We have many giggles along the way too!

Martin / Braintree Essex

I met Martin through Louise. Louise asked if it would be possible to Coach Martin her husband at the same time, even though Martin runs at a very different pace to Louise. Yes most definitely it is possible, and also very enjoyable to have a couple or small group session. Each person can work to their own ability and I have time during the session to talk to both Louise & Martin separately. Martin is an experience runner with a competitive pace, and I enjoy coaching him through various sessions to help him run more efficiently.

Beverley / Hatfield Heath Essex

Beverley is an absolute beginner, having never attempted running before. Beverley came to me after a recommendation from Valerie May, who said "Josie can get anyone out running, give her call." We started off with only 30 seconds of running. Beverley has progressed sensibly building up to 1km and then 1 mile. Amazing lady well done.

Iris / Cambridge

Iris is a very experienced runner over many years. However like many of us had to take time off from running. Once fitness levels were back Iris contacted me to help put structure back into her training, by introducing tempo sessions, training plans and variety to her running.

Toni / Elsenham & Henham Essex

Toni's husband booked a number of sessions for her as a birthday present! Great present idea. Toni has progressed from 5km to Half Marathon, following training plans too. Toni is now a member of the Friday Takeley Running Group.

Claire / Takeley Essex

Claire enjoys the benefits of one2one sessions, and enjoys being part of the Takeley Running Group, participating in either the Wednesday or Friday sessions. Due to an achilles problem Claire has had to rest from running, however so pleased that we can now start again with a walk/run session, building up sensibly & slowly to 1k, then 1 mile, and in time 5km. Always finding time to talk & run too!

Seb & Charlie of Essex

Archie, Oscar & Aisla of Essex

Takeley Running Group

We welcome runners of all ages (min.18 years) into the group. We meet on Wednesday evenings and/or Friday mornings where we train together as a group. Each session is structured and coached to suit all abilities. We pride ourselves on being very friendly and welcoming. Each member of the group is valued and your personal running goal is important to us.